Thursday, 30 June 2011

D Day (Pathology results)

Did I say I was the most nervous on my surgery day - well I think I was lying!  Today was by far worse... woke up early, couldn't eat breakfast and couldn't find out the results quick enough.  My appt was at 12 noon and I was just hoping the morning would fly by.

We arrived at the hospital (after battling a storm outside - rain and wind!).  We waited for what seemed a week before Dr Willsher called my name.  Again, we walked in with a list of questions but saved them until Dr Willsher gave us the pathology report.  Unfortunately the news wasn't great.  He explained that there were in fact 3 cancers (not 4) which I thought was a good start however it went downhill from there.  The largest cancer (which we were told was 2cm) was actually 4cm - double in size.  In addition, the other 2 cancers they found were 2.1cm and 0.9cm.  Again, much larger than first thought!  I was really upset to hear this news but it got worse.  He then went on to say that they found some trace of cancer in the lymph nodes they took.  I was absolutely devastated - I couldn't believe it :(  This is the news I was dreading.  The news didn't get much better when he said that he had no choice but to take me back in to have more surgery.  It honestly felt like I had taken a massive step backwards.

I cried all the way home.  It's not what I was hoping or expecting.  I now had to prepare myself emotionally and physically to go back for more surgery the following Wednesday (only 14 days after my first lot of surgery).  I tried to keep up my physio as I knew this would be important especially as I was now having to have more surgery.

Following the latest news I again received many messages, flowers, gifts and home cooked meals - I can't thank all of my family and friends enough for being there for me and my family during this incredibly difficult journey.  We made the most of the next few days and enjoyed some family time.